Lets talk about shawls.

During my hat knitting binge, I started looking for something new. I knit a cowl and it was a lot of fun, but what I really wanted to knit was a shawl. The knitting projects that I had already done; I did without fear. Just follow the pattern line by line. Easy, but for some reason I was nervous about knitting a shawl. I even had a fellow knitter jokingly inform me that I wasn’t a true knitter until I had made a shawl, hahaha. She’s a sneaky enabler, that one. I’m sure the same could be said for socks. Don’t even get me started on socks because I have yet to knit a pair, but I have a feeling they’ll be my next knitting conquest.

I will put these beads on!

Anyway, back to my first shawl. I searched Ravelry’s pattern database extensively; adding shawls that looked simple and pretty to my queue. It wasn’t until I was very generously gifted Susan B. Anderson’s Quaker Ridge Shawlette pattern by a fellow Raveler for my birthday, that I actually got on the shawl bandwagon. I cast on and knit my happy little fingers off and…it’s not finished. This shawl has a beaded bind off, you can choose not to do it, but I’m no quitter. I only stopped so that I could cast on for Camp Loopy. Plus, beads. BEADS! I’ve never done beads before and I will not deny myself this sparkly challenge!

Camp Loopy 2013

Are you participating in Camp Loopy this year? This is my first year, and it is so much fun! For June I was assigned to Mt. Knitsalot, and the forum for our “hiking” group has just been full of so much win. It’s been really great! Now that we are about to start project two on July first, and since we’re talking about shawls, I thought I’d show you what I completed for project one. The challenge for project one was to knit something with at least 375 yards or more, using a lace or fingering weight yarn that you have never used before. I chose a skein of Crazy Zauberball sock yarn. I love the look of the barber polling, and since it met all the criteria, it was perfect.  I decided to knit the TGV Shawl by Susan Ashcroft. It had been in my queue for awhile, it fit the yardage requirements, and the yarn I chose had been used for many of these shawls. If you have some time to peruse the project pages for the TGV, I highly recommend that you do so immediately. So much pretty!

Camp Loopy 2013 – June – TGV Shawlette by Susan Ashcroft

I love the way it turned out. Although I cast on the Quaker Ridge Shawlette first, the TGV was the first shawl I completed. It makes me happy, and I think I can declare with utmost certainty that I adore knitting shawls. In fact, I’m knitting another for project two in July. I guess I better get this beaded bind-off done or it’ll have to wait…again.

So, if you haven’t knit a shawl before; what are you waiting for? You know, they say you’re not a true knitter until you make one. Just kidding! (But you know you want to.)



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