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Camp Loopy Dropout

Daybreak Shawl in process.

Sigh. This is my Camp Loopy project two for July, a Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West. It’s already the twentieth of July, and this pretty much looks the same as it did two weeks ago. I’m not even far enough along to start the stripes yet. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just not in the mood to knit this right now. Summer maybe? Or, maybe knitting two shawls in a row and trying to knit a third has just burned me out? Probably. I will finish it, just not before the cut-off I’m afraid. The Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock is really soft, and it’s lovely to work with. Once my shawl mojo returns, it’ll knit up fairly fast I think.

Speaking of shawls; I finally put the beads on my Quaker Ridge Shawlette by Susan B. Anderson this week. I am so in love with this shawl. Oh, the ruffle! I think I need more ruffles in my life. And the beads! I want to put beads on everything.

Quaker Ridge Shawlette with beaded bind-off.
Weather the Weather Hat – RAINBOW!

And, you know, just to make sure that I continue to procrastinate on my Camp Loopy project; I decided to cast on a hat. I’m knitting the Weather the Weather Hat by Megan Williams of the Stockinette Zombies. It’s a free pattern, available on Ravelry, and has been super fun to knit. The yarn is Marigoldjen Superwash Merino in the Happy Days color way. I think this yarn was made just for this hat, it’s so fun and I adore it! I’m nearly done, though, and I have no idea what I should knit next. What are you knitting?

In spinning news, my Bliss has been shipped and is on it’s way from Holland to me now. I’m so excited! I really need to start building up a fiber stash so I’ll have lots to practice with.

One of those packages is my wheel! SQUEE! Now the real wait begins…



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