Spinning: Getting to know Bliss

In the box.
Pre-assembly in the box.

I was so delighted when my Bliss arrived late Wednesday afternoon; I had her open and put together in less than forty minutes! I wasn’t expecting delivery until the following Monday or Tuesday because the tracking online still had it listed at customs, so to say I was surprised would be a huge understatement.

The assembly instructions were clear and all the screws, washers, and other accoutrement were separated by step. They even included a full size screwdriver which made it super easy. In fact, I put her together by myself, with my four-year old under foot and hovering about. It doesn’t come with any oil, it has sealed ball bearings that don’t require oiling (correct me if I wrong), but the Blissful Woolmakers on Ravelry had suggested this clear silicon oil for oiling the treadle hinges and flyer assembly without staining the white HPL surface, which I had already ordered and received a few days prior. So I was all set!

I wanted to start spinning right away, but dinner, bath, and bedtime were fast approaching and there just wasn’t enough time. However, I did manage to spend a few minutes testing out the treadle and practicing stopping and starting. She is so smooth and silent, the only sound is the woosh of the flyer.

And, in the grand tradition of naming your spinning wheel, I’ve decided to call her Willa. She is lovely.

My Bliss, Willa!
Miss Willa Bliss

Over the last few days, we’ve become well acquainted. I’ve been spinning fifteen to thirty minutes everyday. My first attempt is absolutely dreadful, but I can see an improvement in my spinning the following day…it’s barely an improvement, but spinning is harder than it looks! The fiber I’m using is BFL top in the Dirty Circus color way by Spinneretta’s Studio on Etsy.

My Spinning, a comparison between days one & two
My Spinning, a comparison between days one & two.

Today, instead of spinning more singles, and because I need to purchase more bobbins; I went ahead a plied together what I had. It’s 1.7 ounces, thirty-four and a half yards of a two-ply. I washed and thwacked it, but even before the bath it was perfectly balanced, which shocked the heck out of me, hahaha! I’m not even going to attempt to give it a WPI count because lets face it, it’s a big ol’ mess. But it’s my mess and I really love this little skein of trial and error. Sure, I can’t possibly make anything with it, but I wouldn’t even if I could. It’s too precious.

Look, I made yarn!
Look, I made yarn! Sort of, hahaha.

I have much to learn and many hours of practice ahead of me, and I would really love to take a class or two. I’ve read, several times by different spinners, that it takes spinning at least a pound of fiber before you gain any consistency. I hope that proves true for me too.


P.S. There will be a small giveaway soon, so stay tuned 🙂


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