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Wait, it’s February? Time to catch up!

Well hello, there!

Let me start by saying, I hope you all had a lovely holiday season. Unfortunately, my family spent most of December and January fighting the various forms of plague going around, but after a round of antibiotics we’re all doing much better. Thank goodness!

I hope those of you that live in the areas hit by the polar vortex are keeping nice and warm. We live in California. Don’t hate us, but it’s been like a chilly Spring since before Christmas. Now, we happen to live in the northern mountains of California and we get a decent amount of snow every year, except this year apparently. While I’ll admit, it’s nice not having to shovel snow and salt the sidewalks, and the kids can play outside without having to be bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story, it’s not good. First, it means we have a hot, dry summer filled with fires to look forward to, and second, it means my son doesn’t get to make a snowman, and he really wants to make a snowman. Maybe next year, kiddo.

Speaking of my son, he lost his first baby tooth a week ago. I cried. The tooth fairy brought him three dollars, and he’s figured out how to whistle. It’s been pretty momentous around here.

He’s still my baby.

Okay, enough blathering on about the weather and kids growing up too fast. You want to hear about the knitting, right? I actually have a few finished items, which is surprising considering I didn’t do any knitting while we were ill. I just couldn’t find the energy. Craziness, I tell you!

Scrollwork Hat by Irina Dmitrieva

Lets see… First, you may remember in my last post that I wasn’t quite done with this Scrollwork hat. Well, it’s finished, and I absolutely love it! I see the matching cowl somewhere in my future. Only, it’ll have to be knit with different yarn since this colorway from Marigoldjen was a special limited edition. However, I think my son has claimed the hat, so the cowl will be knit for me, so no need for them to match. Yay!

POP! Baby Cardigan by Rachel Atkinson

Next, I knit this sweet little baby cardigan and hat for a family friend. I’ve never knit for a baby before, not even my own. I knew how to knit before my son was born, but I wasn’t a Knitter yet. You know what I mean, right? Anyway, I was both excited and nervous to knit something for a brand new baby. I think it turned out rather lovely, and the Mom-to-be has told me that it’ll be part of the baby’s coming home outfit. Which just makes my knitterly heart so very happy! The hat isn’t part of the pattern, I just kind of winged it and tried to make it match. I think it works.

Man Thing Hat by Justyna Lorkowska

Then, my husband requested a new hat, so I decided to knit him the Man Thing Hat by Justyna Lorkowska. I love the basket weave texture, and the subtle Plucky Fellas Steel Horse colorway from The Plucky Knitter. It’s her Primo Aran base, and it’s so incredibly soft. I need more Plucky! The pattern was fun and easy, which made it a super quick knit. Although, I did knit two additional repeats to add enough depth for my hubby’s gargantuan melon (name that movie!). It fits him great and he loves it, so yay me!

And… I finished a sock! Not a pair of socks, just one sock. So technically, it’s only half done, but I’ll be casting the second one on shortly. I have no spinning to share, but my lovely husband gave me more bobbins for Christmas, so I’ll be spending some time at the wheel very soon. My goal this year is to spin something I can knit a hat or cowl with. I think that’s a reasonable goal for now.

What’s next on the agenda, you ask? Well, my baby sister just announced that I’ll have a new niece or nephew sometime in September, so of course that means I need to knit a baby blanket. Have you knit a baby blanket before? I’m still debating patterns, but I’ve decided on a light-medium gray for the color. Neutral, and elegant. Then, my other little sister announced she’s engaged! The wedding is set for next year, but I’ve decided I need to knit her a lace garter, with a blue silk ribbon. Totally doable, right? And then there’s the sweater I want to knit for my son…the list goes on and on. You know how it is.

So, those are the projects you’ll be seeing from me over the next several months, and more I’m sure. As for today, I’m casting on socks for the Journey KAL. I’ll be knitting Climb by Jane Richmond. I’ll be using the yarn called for in the pattern too, because I want those exact socks. Oh my gosh they are so cute! I’m excited to get started.

Casting on Climb by Jane Richmond for the Journey KAL today!

What have you been knitting and spinning? Are you participating in the upcoming Ravellenic Games? I’m not, but I do enjoy reading the threads and seeing all the knitted lovelies. The excitement is contagious.

Until next time, happy knitting!



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