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Big Feet, Babies, and Magic Knots

It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here. Although we didn’t have much of a winter, it has still been very cold, which meant maintaining a fire in the wood stove all day. It’s funny, December was like spring and April has been like winter…it must be sprinter I guess, hahaha! The last few days however, have been gorgeous and warm. Yay! Spring’s arrival has also brought some baby announcements along with it. More on that in a minute…

Look, I finished these socks! WAHOO!

Climb Socks by Jane Richmond, Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn in Bare, Dove, and Firecracker Heather.

Unfortunately, they don’t fit me because of my wide feet. I should have known better and increased my stitch count, but the upside is that they fit my Sister-in-law perfectly. She’s very excited to have her first ever pair of hand knit socks, and she’s very knit-worthy, so it’s a win all the way around. I loved knitting them, and I fully intend to knit myself a pair with the needed adjustments. I want to finish this pair of socks first, though. Poor lonely sock.

Now, our family has not one, but two babies arriving in the Fall!

I believe I mentioned last time that my baby Sister is expecting her second baby in September; I was still deciding on which baby blanket pattern I wanted to use, when our Cousin also announced she’s expecting her second wee-one in the Fall as well. It was a long winter, lol. I’m so excited for them!

Shale Baby Blanket by Jared Flood, Berroco Vintage yarn in Smoke. Bag is by Fat Squirrel Fibers.

I am so in love with this pattern that I totally plan on knitting another, in a different color, as soon as I’m done knitting this one. I’ve already ordered the yarn too. It looks complicated, but it’s a simple four row repeat that is quickly memorized. Total potato chip knitting, guys. LOVE IT!

I want to knit one for myself, I love it so much!

I used my new Stanwood Needlecraft ball winder and the magic knot technique to wind all four skeins of Berroco into two continuous cakes, so I can just keep on knitting. This is my first time using the magic knot, and so far so good. Side note: If you’re in the market for a new ball winder, I highly recommend the Stanwood, it’s amazing!

What’s next after all this baby blanket knitting? Well, I am dying to knit Susan B. Anderson’s new Split Back Snowflake hat. I just love it, I want to knit one for my son in neon bright colors. Super cute! So, what are you knitting or spinning? Are you experiencing a baby knits boom like I am?

Until next time, Knitters!


P.S. My birthday is coming up, May 6th, and to celebrate I’m having another pattern giveaway. So stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Big Feet, Babies, and Magic Knots

  1. Your socks turned out beautifully and I absolutely love your Shale blanket. I use the magic knot method in all my projects ~ love it.


  2. This is a gorgeous blanket! I’m preggo with number 7 and have been stuck on my first baby blanket for months! Maybe I should just do this one instead! Happy birthday! ( ill be induced May 29th!!)


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