Nearly Done via Instagram

These socks have been on the needles since 2016. I can’t seem to finish them. I wanted to knit the leg until I used up every bit of this yarn, but obviously, that’s not gonna happen, lol! I’ve decided to just catch the leg up to the longer one, bind them off and call them good. Seriously, I want to wear them! 😆

Yarn is Little Shop of Zombodys by @desertvistadyeworks .

Crochet · Knitting

Unfinished via Instagram

This basket of unfinished WIPs is sitting here taunting me, lol! I have 2 crochet blankets, 1 knit blanket, a sweater, and a pair of socks in here. All nicely hidden by this half done blanket, lol! There are many more in my closet, hahahahaha! 🤪