Crochet Goals via Instagram

Amidst the swimming, movie going, BBQs, and just life in general, is my β€œSummer of Crochet.” It was going great for the first week or two, but then I did nothing for the last week, lol! Of course much of the crocheting is without a deadline (SO MANY BLANKETS!), but we have a new baby niece arriving in the Fall and I must complete this one! πŸ‘ΆπŸ» If I do 3 rows a day, minimum, I should be able to start the border by the end of July. But…can I keep myself on schedule? That remains to be seen, hahahaha!

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Another C2C via Instagram

Whoops! I should be working on my Mama Vertebrae cardigan, but I just couldn’t resist. There’s something extremely satisfying about the construction of a Corner to Corner crochet throw blanket that I just adore. This will be for my Hubby since the colorway (Warlock) reminds him of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. 😊 #cornertocorner #c2ccrochet #mandalayarn #mandalawarlock